If accounting wasn't your first language at school, any form of paperwork can become a bit daunting and a major distraction from running your business. Complex accounting systems seem to give more grief than results. There is an alternative. eCashbooks are designed to be really easy and industry specific. Our aim is to make bookkeeping a bit less burdensome and a little enjoyable (if that's possible). So here are our most frequent questions, have a read and if you need more questions asked then send us a message.

Why use a cashbook?

Cashbooks are just simple.  It's as simple as that. 

Cashbooks have been around for donkey's years before computers even graced the planet.  Then comes along the advent of major accounting software providers and their focus seems to have been on providing comprehensive systems for all businesses.  A one size fits all approach. 

So, whether you were doing 200,000 a year or $20 million a year your choice of accounting systems to suit your business was effectively limited to MYOB, Xero or Quickbooks.  If they were all too big for you, your only real alternative was a spreadsheet.

Unfortunately, basic bookkeeping has been swallowed up and complicated by the high-tech accountants.  The small or micro business has been overlooked and has been largely over complicated.  All you really need is a simple cashbook system that records your income and expenses and gives you some insight into your small business performance.

What do I need to get started?

All you need to kick things off is to sign up with your name and email address.  You can trial the eCashbook system for the first month without charge.  Once you've established your account, grab your phone and go to the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and download the CES (Cashbooks Entry System) App. 

The Username and password you have for your online account will work with your App.

The CES App will allow you to enter receipts, payments and generate Invoices whilst your away from your office. You can even do your motor vehicle log if you need to. 

Now open web page, go to the HELP button to get an overview - it won't take long, then start entering your transactions.

Is my personal information secure?

Of course.  Apart from your business transactions, we require minimal personal information to get you up and going.  The less we know about you, the less that can "others" could access if given a chance.  Our security is world standard and your personal information is not disclosed to any third parties.  

What if I have questions along the way.?

We've made our cashbooks pretty simple, but don't stress, you have access to an online accountant if you feel you're stuck.  You can use either our live chat option or our contact us facility.  You also have access to our help area which provides video and text content for you to learn which is located in the top right of your eCashbooks software.

What payment options do we accept?

We accept the usual Visa, Mastercard payment system, through Braintree, a highly reputable payment gateway provider.  All payments are conducted through a SSL secured credit card system.  Your details are safeguarded by the Merchant authorities and are not retained by us.

Can I use my Cashbook when I am out of my office?

Yes of course, each eCashbook comes with added extras.  We've given a lot of thought on how small businesses can capture the data they need in a simple and easy way.  The more you get in the habit of recording your transactions on the go, the less time you need to undertake the desk work and cut into your personal time. 

Just download the CES (Cashbooks Entry System) App from Google Play store or from the Apple store.  The App provides you with only the three most important things you need to do, record your income, record your expenses and the ability to generate an Invoice on the go, It also records you vehicle log if needed.  And your cashbook is automatically updated to reflect any data you have entered whilst away from your desk.  

It is simple, it is easy, and it's designed for small and micro businesses that don't need all the features of top end systems that most software providers provide.

Can I download my reports

Your Cashbook Software comes with useful functional reports to show you how you are performing on a yearly, quarterly or monthly basis.  This includes full transaction and ledger listings.  Simply download as needed to view on your screen, present to your account or to your bank, or email to whoever you choose.  And for those that are GST registered a handy GST report will help you complete your tax obligations.

Are Cashbooks easy to use?

eCashbooks are just easy to use, easy to learn and easy to operate.  Cashbooks are the heart of an accounting system before you start adding all the complex stuff. They are sufficient to record your Income and your expenses.  They are ideal for those starting business for the first time and those that intend on staying as a one-person operation.  If you ever start to grow at a significant level, like anything else, you'll need to start to utilise the complex accounting software.

Can I send reports to my Accountant?

You sure can.  We've even setup a Report menu "Send to Accountant" that will automatically, create and send the required reports to your accountant.  Simply select the report option and you're in business.

Cashbook or accounting software - what's the difference?

Historically the Cashbook is what started it all.  Then Accounting evolved to handle the growth of business and its various complexities.  The problem with simple businesses is that they have been caught up in the net of Accounting systems designed for more complex businesses.  So, as a simple business owner your "WTF reaction" reaction to your first look at accounting systems can be alleviated by simply using a cashbook.  Most simple businesses don't need stock control, accounts receivable, accounts payable, balance sheets, payroll systems, budgets and the like.  They serve no purpose other than to confuse small business owners.  You just don't need an accounting system to track things. Simply put, you don't need an accounting system to track a business like yours.

How does a cashbook work?

Cashbooks are generally divided into two main areas.  The Income you receive and the Expenses you pay.  At a very general level you subtract the two and get an indication of a profit figure.  It won't be a profit figure in the purest sense of the word (you'll need an accountant for that) but it will provide you with a sufficent perfomance indicator to enable you to make decisions for your business.

In order to record your Income you record the date and the amount. 

In order to record your Expenses you record the date, amount, and place the expense under a category. 

Simple as that. 

eCashbooks use a familiar spreadsheet format for ease of understanding and ease of use.  No formulas to work out and no rows and column to move around.

What makes our Cashbook simple?

We have simple minds.  Over the years we have seen the evolution of complexity.  Accounting software competing with the latest features and gadgets, probably designed by accountants for accountants.  Yet most small businesses just don't need all the whiz bang stuff.  Do you really need a comprehensive list of reports, do you really need modules for payroll, debtors, creditors, bank reconciliations, do you really need multiple fancy graphics and analysis?  Probably not.  What do you really need from such a system?  That's the question every small business should ask.  And the answer is generally to record your Income and Expenses… Simply, have an idea of how you are travelling with profit and to keep the Tax Office at bay.  This Cashbook will do that for you..... SIMPLY.

Can I still use my bookkeeper or accountant?

Absolutely, if fact we have many customers that give their accountants or bookkeepers access.  The beauty of the system is the CES (Cashbook Entry System). An App that you can carry anywhere and record your transactions on the go.  You can even create and email an invoice as you finish that job on client's premises.  

As you're recording your transactions on the go, you no longer have to worry about losing receipts or other documentation.  As the transactions are entered into the CES App they are immediately uploaded to your online cashbook.  From here your accountant or bookkeeper can tidy up the transactions, run reports and even do your BAS at the press of a button.

eCashbooks make it easy for you, your accountant, your bookkeeper or whoever else you choose to access your system.  

And the cream is on the cake... it really is easy.  And it will save you time and money.

Can I try before I buy?

Yep, you sure can.  In fact, we encourage it.  no use getting stuck with a product that doesn't meet your needs.  To try all you need to do is simply sign up and you'll get free access for a month.  We'll also throw in an App that will allows you to enter your transactions when you are away from your desk.  That way nothing will be forgotten or missed.  The CES (Cashbooks Entry System) App will automatically update your software.  Once the month is up, if you like it we'll ask you for some money (we have to live as well), if you don't then thanks for having a look at our cashbook.

If I'm unsure of what to do with my expenses can I ask?

Sure, as accounting software developers we have some knowledge in the treatment of expense types for your business and taxation.  Feel free to contact us with your questions or use the Chat system for simple quick questions.

Can I store my receipts?

Yes if you are using our Cashbook Entry Sytems (CES) app any images of your domumcnts are stored for future use.  

Limited by Budget?

Like anything in your business, you need to not only keep costs down but have confidence that there will be no surprises with your purchase decision.  eCashbooks offers the most affordable cashbook software that's around.  With either a monthly direct debit or take the annual savings plan and you can cancel at any time.  ANd we guarantee "No Surprises".  eCashbooks is all packed full of great useable features that will provide your business with lots of easy to view benefits.

Is the Tax Office ok with Cashbooks?

The Tax Office really only needs to know a couple of things; What is your Income and what is your Expenditure.  Our Cashbook does that in the most efficient way possible.  Business expenses generally are Tax Deductible.  But with any piece of government legislation there are quirks and rules.  Consult your Tax Accountant before you finalise things with the Tax Office. 

No Bank Reconciliation, is that a problem?

The Cashbook does not incorporate a Bank reconciliation system.  There's a couple of reasons for that.  The main reason is that is just confuses most sole businesspeople.  And to answer the question properly you need to ask the question "what is a Bank Reconciliation" for? 

A Bank Reconciliation is a process that merely checks that the transactions you have in your cashbook are the same as the transactions that are on your Bank Statements.  Put simply, it's a checking system that makes Accountants satisfied that all things are there. 

Is it necessary...? "No".  The Tax Office merely requires that you advise them of your Income and Expenses, and you don't need a Bank Reconciliation to achieve that at the business level that you operate in.  From a management perspective, you can confidently manage your small business from the information the cashbook provides without the need for a Bank Reconciliation.  Our Cashbook system does, however, offer a transaction checkbox that you can check against your Bank Statement to ensure you are picking up transactions that go directly through your bank.

Is the Cashbook expensive?

We reckon it's pretty cheap.  But cost comes in many forms.  Not just the cash you pay for the system but also the time you will save in keeping your records up to date all the time.  By leaving out the complex accounting functionality you'll be up and going in zero time and ongoing entry is just plain simple.  No need to engage a bookkeeper or accountant, so that's even more cost savings.

Our subscription price is $10 per month or the yearly option of $100 per year.  That gives you all the updates through out the year.


Cashbooks are cost-effective and time-saving.

You don’t need to hire a bookkeeper or an accountant to manage your cashbook. You can do it yourself or delegate it to a trusted employee. You also don’t need to spend money on expensive accounting software or systems. You can use a spreadsheet, a notebook, or an online tool like eCashbooks to create and maintain your cashbook.

Cashbooks are easy to use and understand.

You don’t need any accounting knowledge or skills to use a cashbook. You just need to record the date, amount, and description of each cash transaction in the ledger. eCashbooks provides you with a range of functions and reports and calculates the totals and balances of your cashbook.

Youll be surprised and what you can get out of a simple cashbook.

Cashbooks are flexible and adaptable

You can customize your cashbook to suit your business needs and preferences. You can choose the format, layout, categories, and frequency of your cashbook entries. You can also adjust your cashbook as your business grows or changes.

Ease of Use

It doesn't get any easier than eCashbooks to do your bookkeeping.  And no accounting degree is needed.  Perfect for the small and micro businesses to track your operation with minimum effort and maximum results.  eCashbook's system includes a go anywhere App to take your business with you and record your transactions when you're away from your desk.

Tax Compliance?

eCashbooks comes with sufficient tracking and reporting to enable you to undertake your tax obligations with easy.  And our automatic "Send to Accountant" function ensures your Accountant gets the right reports.  Better still, do it yourself and save some money.  The tax man will be happy with the level of transaction documentation you will have.

Reporting Capabilities

eCashbooks comes with all the reports you need to make valued management decisions.  Simple, minimalist, yet comprehensive reporting will ensure your business stays on track with the insights you need.  You are not burdened with countless reports that are of limited benefit to your business.