About Us

About Us

Let's face it, accounting and record keeping is a burden to most micro and small businesses taking up precious time and resources.  Time better spent making your business more profitable.  

eCashbooks has created a cashbook system that allows micro and small businesses to easily undertake the recordkeeping of their business with or without the need of a bookkeeper or an accountant.  

Have you ever struggled with the "simple" accounting software that are available in the marketplace today?  Yeh they do great stuff, and they can tell you lots and lots of things about your business.  But sit back and take a thought, you're in business and you're obviously smart enough, so why not think about what you REALLY need out of these systems?  Do you need the complexity to run your business?  Or are you like one of the majorities that determines profit once a year to get your tax done.

The MYOBs, the Quickens and the Xeros provide great systems.  They provide these systems at a great cost.  Yes, you have to pay for the software.  And as the years by, they just get more costly as time goes on.  The cost is also not restricted to the software alone, most users will have a bookkeeper or an accountant to drive the system.  

Now all that's fine if you need it and you're big enough to carry the costs.  But what about the rest of you?  The ones that are largely one man or woman operations.  Your time is spread thinly enough without taking on an accounting system that is time demanding.

That's where we step in.  We've turned back the clock and jumped into a time machine to a period where businesses operated without computers and without double entry accounting systems.  We've gone back to the days of Scrooge and that big fat dusty ledger sitting on his desk.  It used to work just fine back then, so why not now?

Now we call that dusty old ledger a cashbook.  It simply records the money in and the money out.  No sub-ledgers, no accounting jargon; just a simple cashbook.  We blend that simplicity with some you beaut code and presto you have eCashbooks.  So simple a monkey can use it!