September 17, 2023

Effective Bookkeeping has many, many, many Benefits

I don't know about you, but bookkeeping seriously sucks.  It's often viewed as a mundane task, a necessary evil.  Unfortunately, you actually need it.  So the simple and most easiest way to get it done in limited time is what you need to be looking for.  Bookkeeping is the control tool of the "seat of your pants" management which many small businesses seem to operate by.

Bookkeeping provides a clear snapshot of your where you are at, provides the foundations for budgeting, and illustrates the future financial needs of your business. It also simplifies tax preparation and can assist in the strategic thought needed in your business. Regular bookkeeping can attract investors by presenting a transparent financial picture of your business.

It helps manage debts effectively, enables profitability analysis, and ultimately offers peace of mind.  Although it's little conciliation, knowing the importance of your numbers coupled with a little analysis, bookkeeping can actually help with the stress and anxiety of running your business, provide direction and define future scope of operations.

By understanding these benefits, you can transform bookkeeping from a chore into a critical component of your business strategy.

Having said that, how about having a look at the top ten perceived benefits of bookkeeping:

1. Crunch a few numbers

Bookkeeping allows you to analyse your business’s financial health. It provides a clear picture of income, expenses, and profitability, helping you make informed decisions.  Probably not that surprising, you only need to keep track of a few numbers to know if you're doing well or not.

2. Know what the Future Holds

Although rarely done, budgets offer insight into your future business performance highlighting opportunities and needs.  It provides insights into income and expenditure trends, enabling effective allocation of resources.

3. Management your Cash

Regular bookkeeping helps track accounts receivables and accounts payables.  You need to get that money in, you need to know who owes you what and when.  This aids in cashflow management and future planning. 

4. The Evil Tax Return

Another PIA (Pain in Ass) moment in the life of a business.  The Tax Man (generic term) has one and only one focus, to take what they believe is theirs.  Good bookkeeping will ensure you're getting all your tax deductions, plan your tax obligations and not pay more than you have to.  

5. Plan it out

Bookkeeping aids in business planning by providing historical data and future projections. It helps assess business performance and plan for growth.

6. Attract People with Money

Investors like to see nice, pretty financial statements so they can see the benefits of taking a share or buying you outright. Regular bookkeeping ensures you’re prepared to present this information at any time and also indicates you're a bit switched on and cool to know the numbers.

7. Left Blank Intentionally

Ran out of ideas.

8. Managing those loans

Bookkeeping helps manage debts by keeping track of due dates and amounts owed. Don't get a big fat cross on your credit score, bookkeeping ensures those bills get paid on time more often than not. 

9. How much are you making?

Bookkeeping gives you a pretty good idea of how you're going.  You don't have to be precise.  It's not going to provide you with an accounting set of financial statements, but you need to ask the question as to whether you need that in the first place. What it will do is provide the current state of the business and help identify the great areas of your business and the areas that suck and need improvement. 

10. Peace of Mind

Not knowing where your business is at will only create sleepless nights.  Power is knowledge, knowledge leads to competent decision making.  Make it happen with the knowledge from your bookkeeping endeavours.

Well that sums up some of the exciting benefits of being engaged with you bookkeeping. 

The trick now is to get all that easily and simply.  And there is no better place to shop and get the simplist bookkeeping system on the planet, than  Go shopping now and be surprised.



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